Traveling in India? Great support and meeting of Spice Jet Airlines

When something goes wrong, we complain to the world. However, when something goes better than we expected, credit does not always go where it should. I am writing this blog post / article / review to give that credit where it is due.

My parents, both over 60, were flying to Bangalore in April to meet relatives there. We all booked a SpiceJet flight early in the morning. I usually do my trips with them, since I feel uncomfortable because they travel alone. However, by chance, an important and unavoidable business trip arose during the same period and I had to cancel my ticket.

Concerned, I called the airline and discovered that they have a "Meet & Assist" service. The service was free, so I didn't have too many expectations, however, I chose to take advantage of it, since that would give me some peace of mind.

On the day of departure, I took my parents to the airport without being sure how they would manage without me near or even if this "Know and Help" thing would work well.

Anyway, here is his account of the trip from Delhi airport to Bangalore when I spoke to them after they arrived.

My parents were met by a ground staff at the check-in desk that helped them in all the procedures and helped them to register quickly. My mother has arthritis, which makes it difficult for her to climb stairs and things like that. Upon realizing this, a SpiceJet staff helped her get on the bus and organized a seat on the crowded bus.

Inside the plane, my parents were guided to their seats and the flight staff put their hand luggage in the hold. My mother is a nervous passenger like some and does not feel very comfortable during initial takeoff and landing. However, she found them quite comfortable on the flight, which helped her relax during the trip.

As it was an early morning flight, I had booked breakfast for both. They quite liked the food that had a healthy variety and good taste. The same staff member who had helped them with their luggage also gave them complimentary tea and cookies.

Checking out again was very easy since the ground staff was there to help. They also rolled the car to the starting point.

Of course, mom and dad are very happy with the five-star treatment they received from SpiceJet staff. What makes me really happy is that there is finally an airline that is sensitive to the needs of the elderly and an airline where I can let my parents fly alone.

Definitely recommended.